Party (Doggy Daycare)

Photo by Erik Lam/iStock / Getty Images

UniFURsity offers a place for dogs to be... dogs! A place where canines can play in a pack-like atmosphere while supervised to ensure a safe, fun time is had by all. We offer a small handler to dog ratio to make sure your pooch gets the attention he or she deserves! Our experienced handlers encourage and reward obedient behaviors. These positive reinforcements help dogs become well-mannered with basic commands such as wait and sit, even while in an exciting and stimulating environment, which is a benefit for our two-legged customers as well!


  • Full Day (5+ hours): $27 (Packages and Multiple-dog Discounts Available)

  • Half Day (4-5 hours): $16.50

  • Hourly (0-3 hours): $5.25 per hour