What do “Party” and “Dorm” mean?

  • Here at UniFURsity Club we are a UniVERsity themed daycare, so this means we call our daycare “party” and our overnight boarding “dorms”!


Do you require my dog to have an appointment to come to Party?

  • Nope! We strive to fit each of our clients' specific needs, that means being available to take your dog with or without a heads up! Please note that although we do not require advance notice, we do fill up occasionally, so without prior notice we may not have room for your pup. Thanks to our customer portal, once you have a customer account you can log in and sign your PUPil up for party or dorms on your own to ensure they always have a spot!


What vaccinations do you require?

  • –Vet records that must be kept up-to-date: Rabies, DHPP*, and Bordetella**.

*We will accept a valid titer from your vet for the distemper vaccine. **Due to the group play setting of our facility, we require bordetella every SIX (6) months. If you do not have a current Bordetella vaccine for your pup don't sweat it as we can administer it here for only $13!


Is there a minimum Party attendance requirement*?

  • Nope! We understand you have a busy schedule and cannot always come regularly. Please keep in mind however, that it is in the best interest of your dog to attend regularly to keep them comfortable and familiar with the facility and staff (not to mention that dogs are just like kids and make friends). For those clients who do plan to come on a regular basis, we do offer discounted daycare packages!

*Please note that all dogs must pass a behavior assessment on their first day. This is for the safety of all of the dogs involved to ensure that the dog is being placed in the correct group.


Does my dog need to be crate trained to come to UniFURsity?

  • Nope! Here at UniFURsity Club we offer "crate free" daycare! Unlike other daycare facilities, we do not have a scheduled "nap" or "lunchtime" where all of the dogs go into crates or kennels. This means that your pups are always out partying it up with their buddies while they are here. We will give "rests" or "breaks" to dogs that seem like they need them and are not taking breaks on their own, but these breaks are given in another play area rather than in a crate.


Do you separate the small dogs from the big dogs?

  • Yes, we even separate dogs based on personality and play style as well, we do this by performing a thorough behavior assessment on every dog's first day to see which group they will fit in with best and have the most fun in. We also continually monitor dogs and rotate them into different groups as they mature.


Do you accept all breeds of dogs?

  • Definitely! Here at UniFURsity Club we believe every dog deserves the chance to socialize and play with other dogs regardless of breed; however, as previously mentioned, all dogs must pass a rigid behavior assessment on their first day in order to be able to stay and play.


Do you accept dogs that don't do well with other dogs?

  • Unfortunately, due to the "Crate Free" nature of our daycare, we do not have the means to provide sufficient playtime for dogs that don't play well with others. We love all dogs; big, small, naughty, and nice, but unfortunately group play just isn't for everyone and that is OK! If for some reason your pup does not pass our behavior assessment we would be glad to help you find a more suitable outlet for their energy!


How old does my dog need to be before he or she can enroll?

  • Puppies may attend UniFURsity as soon as they have received their second set of puppy shots which must include the Bordetella vaccination (we can administer this vaccination if your PUPil does not currently have it). Please note that per state law any dogs over the age of 5 months are required to have a current Rabies vaccination.

*Please note that for the safety of all the dogs involved, any dogs coming from rescues/humane societies are required to complete a ten day hold between date of adoption and their first day of socialization.


My dog seems really thirsty after being there for the day, is this normal?

  • Yes, the dogs party all day, everyday; that's a lot of play! Even though we have water out at all times, they are sometimes too busy running around with their friends to remember to drink all the time, so it is normal for them to be thirsty after a rowdy UniFURsity party.


I just brought my dog home and he is acting really tired, is that normal?

  • That's the goal :) Since the dogs are partying it up all day with their friends it is normal for them to be quite tired at the end of the day and possibly even into the next day.


I just brought my dog home and noticed their paws are red/raw, is that normal?

  • Yep! Until the PUPils build up a callus on their paws it is possible they may experience some tenderness due to the increased activity -just like if you were walking around barefoot all the time. We do our best to check everyone's feet and give them breaks and put salve on their paws, but they may still get "raw paw" or torn pads.


Is my dog going to need a bath after being at UniFURsity Club?

  • They may be a little smellier than normal... But that is just a sign of a good time! Luckily, we offer spa services here and would gladly toss your pup in the tub before you come to get them.


Is doggy daycare going to interfere with potty training?

  • We have never had it interfere with staff's personal dogs or client’s dogs potty training. This is because even when we are inside for playgroup (we try to be outside as much as possible) we give the pups regular potty breaks outside!


Can my dog get groomed while at UniFURsity?

  • Definitely! Here at UniFURsity Club we can do any a la carte grooming you may desire! Unfortunately, we do not have a groomer on staff to do haircuts at this time (please call the office or log in to our customer portal to schedule a grooming appointment).



There is a lot of barking when I drop off and pick up my dog, is it always like that?

  • It is normal for the PUPils to get excited when new friends join the party but it calms down within a couple minutes!


Should I bring anything else other than my dog for their stay?

  • Every dog that goes into play group must have on a quick release collar (one of the ones that you pinch both sides and it pops open), a leash (non-flex preferred), and then any meal or snack you would like to bring for them. Please make sure that any food baggies or containers have your dogs name on it. If your pup is staying overnight in our dorms you may also bring any other personal items for your pup to have, we will do our very best to ensure all items are returned to you in the same condition as when you dropped them off but please keep in mind things may become damaged or lost while your PUPil is here with us.


Is it possible that my dog may get hurt while at UniFURsity Club?

  • Dog safety is our number one priority! Each and every PUPil that wishes to attend must pass an extensive behavior assessment during which we do our best to identify any potentially aggressive behaviors or tendencies. All of the students are under intense supervision any time they are out together to help keep the party to a friendly, fun, and non-confrontational level. That being said, dogs use their mouths and paws to play and little scratches or nicks are not uncommon. In the unlikely case of anything more serious occurring we will notify you immediately and transport them to the nearest veterinarian.


Will my dog get sick at UniFURsity Club?

  • We strive to keep our building squeaky clean and all necessary precautions to prevent illnesses are taken; please keep in mind that just like human children, despite our best efforts viruses are passed easily between dogs. If any PUPil exhibits any symptoms of illness it will be sent home and any that have been ill with anything contagious are not allowed to join the party or stay in the dorms until they have been cleared by a certified veterinarian.


Can daycare packages be used for overnight dorm stays?

  • Unfortunately no, this is because our party and dorm prices are different and the packages are discounted specifically for the party prices. You can not use them for overnight dorm stays. We do however have a discount available for extended overnight stays in the dorms, please contact the office for more information on that promotion.


Do daycare packages expire?

  • Yes, any and all* of our daycare packages expire after 90 days of purchase. All of our packages are non-refundable and should only be purchased if you will be able to use them completely within the 90 day period. Please note that packages are unable to be extended. *Our GED Puppy Pack is the only exception to this rule, due to the nature and discount of that package it must be used within 30 days of purchase.


Are you open on Holidays?

  • We are open for sleepover pick-ups and drop-offs 365 days a year! However certain holidays have special hours to allow our staff to enjoy the holidays with their family:

New Year’s Day

Easter Sunday

Memorial Day

4th of July

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Eve Day

Christmas Day

We are available for scheduled pick-ups and drop-offs on these select holidays for dogs staying in our overnight dorms, no party will be available for these holidays.

We hold regular business hours for all other holidays.


If my dog has any special medications, can you administer them?

  • Of course, all of our staff are experienced in administering medications*. Please just ensure that when you drop off your dog that the manager on duty knows the time of day, dosage, and best way to administer the medication. *Please note that due to our hours of business, we are not able to accommodate time sensitive medications such as insulin.


What method of payments do you accept?

  • We accept all credit cards. We apologize for the inconvenience but we do not accept cash or personal checks.


Do you offer any discounts?

  • Yes, here at UniFURsity Club we offer several different discounts including multiple dog discounts, discounted packages for our party, and a discount on extended overnight dorm stays.


What if I cannot make it to pick up my dog before close?

  • If you are not able to pick up your dog within 15 minutes of close you will need to call ahead and let us know; we do charge a $10 late pick-up fee. If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late you will need to overnight your PUPil in our dorms and will be charged accordingly the next day.