Dorms (Dog Boarding)


UniFURsity offers spacious dorms for our four-legged guests. The experience is always hospitable, as each pup has semi-private dorm with all their personal belongings. Party time (daycare) is included during the day do ensure your dog is ready for a great night's rest.  Dogs are monitored throughout the evening to ensure a comfortable experience.


A flat $43 Per Night (Discount Available for Family Boarding).  No extra charges for exceeding a 24 period.  Drop off anytime during business hours the day before and pickup anytime during business hours the day after.

What's included

  • A semi-private dorm, complete with a bed, bowls and any other comforts you would like to provide.

  • Two feedings, before bed and first thing in the morning. You can supply your own food or we can provide an AAFCO approved dog food for an additional fee.

  • A full day of party time the day before your pooches stay and the day after.