Spa (Dog Grooming)


UniFURsity offers both basic and full grooming services so your dog comes home smelling FURtastic! We use salon-quality products best suited for your breed's coat to add shine and brighten fur while preventing over-drying and itching. Our Professional Dog Groomer has 9 years experience working with all types of dog breeds and cuts in a pet salon!


A la carte:

  • Baths & Blowouts

    • Dogs <40 Pounds: $20

    • Dogs >40 Pounds: $25+

  • Pet-a-cure: $12

  • Ear Cleanse: $10

  • Tooth Brushing: $5

  • Gland Expression: $10

  • Brush Out: $15 for 15 minutes

  • Furminator (Reduces shedding 60% to 80%): $25 for 20 minutes


  • Associates: Bath & Blow out and Pet-A-Cure: Starting @ $30

  • Bachelors: Bath & Blow Out, Pet-A-Cure, Ear Cleanse, Tooth Brushing, and Brush Out: Starting @ $50

  • Masters: Bath & Blow Out, Pet-A-Cure, Ear Cleanse, Tooth Brushing, Gland Expression, Furminator: Starting @ $65

  • Full Groom: Bath & Blow Out, Pet-A-Cure, Ear Cleanse & Pluck, and Haircut. Pricing is based on breed, size, and condition of coat. Please call or stop in for an estimate.

*Note: All grooming services are at-will.  All prices are base figures and are subject to adjustment depending on size, breed, and condition.